Confident and Expressive Design

Earth & Ocean Friendly Products and Design

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Passion-Partnership DIY

Working together on a one to one project is an intimate design setting where the client experiences first hand the accomplishment and challenges that occur in creating custom work. With that is the highest creative potential imagined in creating immediate solutions that work!

Vision-New Construction

From Concept to reality. A project from the blueprint stage, requires imagination and visionary skills. From scale of rooms and conceptual design relationships. Create a master plan and implement as you build.

Philosophy- Remodeling

A nod to the past, updating to the present and preparing for the future; creating a new, functioning space that is updated without being trendy can be tricky.The original design integrity of a structure provides essential cues to integrate the old with the new.

Mission-Design Enhancements

Good design is timeless. When faced with maintaining or replacing worn out items or finishes, a design enhancement is an investment friendly way to maximize what you have. It is an opportunity to integrate a new perspective with out the expense of starting over.

Shelly doesn’t impose a look.  She senses a feeling I want when I’m in a room, and designs to the feeling.  When I walk through my living room now, I feel a surge of happiness. P.D., Minneapolis