Confident and Expressive Design

Earth & Ocean Friendly Products and Design

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Spirited Play of Pattern and Proportions

The perfect balance of pattern, texture and fabric selections are chosen and put into place for an expression that is personalized to you. Your taste, your color preferences and your joie de vivre!

Classic and Elegant

Almost timeless classic expression, a space that is grounded in stability, yet refined and elegant.

Original and Exclusive Expression for Your Personality and Lifestyle

Creation of spaces that you can navigate easily within, the way you live, with your habits in mind.. uniquely you.. and never duplicated…

Your Personality & My Experience for your Lifestyle

Finishing touches to an already great start. Your home is how you like it. Enhancing your style and polishing the patina with fresh new elements that aren't trendy, but you!

Shelly doesn’t impose a look.  She senses a feeling I want when I’m in a room, and designs to the feeling.  When I walk through my living room now, I feel a surge of happiness. P.D., Minneapolis