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How does it feel? Color, patterns and textures combined say specific things about the space, be it your home or your website. The combination expresses the values of the people who reside within those places, virtual and physical. Color principles are the same, how they are applied, well, that is the creative part, the fun part, the expressive part!


Tile, pattern and texture, used intentionally, results in timeless style. When the elements are chosen correctly, your 'update' is difficult to 'date'. The shape, size and scale of tile is integral to the longevity of a more permanent design statement. It is important that this element be appropriate for the past, the present and the future aesthetic of your home.

Window Dressings

Window Dressings, my first love of design! Color, pattern, texture, luxury, the signature practical indulgence. If you have never experienced custom window dressings, you don't know what you are missing! If you have experienced them and are ready to take it to the next level… you have found your perfect source.

Kitchens and More

Full access. All the color, texture, pattern, layout, function, lighting, floor covering, every detail that makes your home an expression of your style. Like some of the best recipes, we start from scratch, to make your new space a place you will love to call home!

Shelly doesn’t impose a look.  She senses a feeling I want when I’m in a room, and designs to the feeling.  When I walk through my living room now, I feel a surge of happiness. P.D., Minneapolis