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A simple ReShade that enhances the visuals of Mass Effect with virtually zero performance impact.

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Honestly, I'm jumping the gun on this release, and it might bite me in the ass... but I've created a "SimpleShade" for multiple games now, and the core premise is simple: make the visuals pop with minimal effect on performance.

This is no different, but I've yet to test it outside of the Normandy. I really like how it's shaping up, but I'm releasing it early and in a very much "alpha" form because I'm curious how it will be received and what kind of feedback I can get.

In theory, SimpleShade should work for all 3 Mass Effect games, but as I'm trying to finish up ME3 and call it quits for Mass Effect for some time, it's the only game I could even test it on -- which is one of the reasons I'm releasing this in the wild.

I'm more than happy to continue refining it, and I intend to, but I'm also opening myself up to some initial feedback.

Basically, consider these points:

1) SimpleShade should have virtually no impact on performance

2) SimpleShade should not take any particular artistic direction, instead focusing on enhancing the developer's original artistic vision

To that end, I'm hoping this might serve a purpose even in its infantile stages, and also hoping that I can refine and "perfect" it to provide a simple and yet powerful overhaul to Mass Effect's graphics.

I guess, in the end, all I can say is that it's consistently surprised me between many games -- Fallout 4, Resident Evil 2: Remake, Control, and more -- how much of a difference a "simple" ReShade can make, and that's always been my goal. If you want to create a completely different tone, vibe and atmosphere, I say go wild. If you simply want to try and enhance the intended experience without affecting performance... that's the sweet spot for me.

Anyway, that's it for now. I will update every aspect of this mod as I continue to refine it; until then, I'm hoping some of you will enjoy it and can offer some solid feedback -- and maybe a few screenshots to boot. :)

NOTE: BE SURE TO INSTALL qUINT EFFECT/SHADER PACKAGE DURING RESHADE INSTALL. I will of course be updating/improving the description later with better instructions but this assumes you have at least a bare minimum knowledge of ReShade.