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I created large Overhaul mods for Nehrim/Enderal/Wizardry 8 and currently work almost exclusively on releasing mods for Skyrim SE and Enderal (Skyrim Total Conversion)

I'm also the Curator of the modlist Path of the Prophet (Enderal) and Constellations - A True RPG (Skyrim)!

If you'd like to know more join my Discord.

If you like what I do, I would really appreciate considering donating on my Ko-Fi. Donations really keep me motivated in modding and help me allocate even more time into it.

My design philosophies:
- Only add things that make sense in the game, nothing should seem "modded" in
- Difficulty is a way to make a game more believeable/immersive and makes achievements more meaningful
- Adding Difficulty only through increased damage taken/reduced damage done leads to boring gameplay (e.g. damage sponges)
- Try to find the balance between realism and fun
- Unfairness or tediousness should be avoided
- Avoid excessive use of handholding, players should figure stuff out on their own

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