Cooper Hurst has benefited from implementing regenerative practices on his cattle ranch in Woodville, Mississippi. "We really feel like we have become a lot more resilient. We can’t make it rain, but we can make sure rain stays on our farm."
  1. About


To deliver solutions to great agricultural challenges

Central Theme

To achieve land stewardship for improved soil health in grazing animal production with lasting producer profitability.

Why do we exist?

To assist farmers and ranchers as they regenerate the land in a profitable manner

What is our objective?

Remove, mitigate or avoid the barriers deterring the lasting use of regenerative, profitable land management practices in grazing animal production. These barriers consist of:

  • Lack of available, science-based management knowledge.
  • Lack of guides and mentors.
  • Economic uncertainty in adoption and operations as well as ongoing risk.
  • Cultural/societal influences.

What is our goal?

By 2040, in collaboration with others, Noble will guide farmers and ranchers across the U.S. to demonstrate measurable regeneration, meeting their financial goals. The key metrics include:  

  • Customers: 84,000 farmers and ranchers
  • Acreage: 164 million acres
  • Customers: 75 percent of farmers and ranchers meeting their financial goals

What do we do?

We research, demonstrate, and teach principles and practices of regenerative land stewardship.

What are our core values?

  • Be Noble. Exhibit an open mind, positive attitude and charitable heart. Carry forward the ideas and principles of Lloyd Noble.
  • Serve as a trusted resource. Be responsible for your work. Work for the success of others.
  • Steward the land. Care for the land and its improvement. The health of soil, plants, animals, and humans is one and indivisible.
  • Build Together. Collaboration drives success and amplifies impact.