The intentional producer usually faces fewer surprises because they have a goal in mind.

You can improve both your land and your profitability. The key is having a plan.

You face many variables outside your control on your beef cattle operation, which means every decision you make needs to count. You can manage your risk and work toward achieving your greater goals by being an intentional producer.

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What You’ll Learn in This Free Course

Pasture Management

Find out how to support your pasture’s health and productivity to lay a strong foundation for your operation.

Stocking Rate

Learn how to assess and set a stocking rate that meets your operation’s long-term needs.

Cattle Management

Consider ways to produce the type of cattle that you ultimately want to market.

Marketing Plan

Discover ways to increase your profit by being strategic in how and when you market cattle.

Record-Keeping System

Learn about the types of records you should be keeping and how to measure your success over time.

Personnel Management

Think about your hiring process and how you are ensuring your employees thrive.

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What Others Have Said

“Every decision you make is tied to another decision on the ranch. Noble has helped us navigate the responsibility we have to make good decisions today so we can take care of the land and raise healthy animals long-term.”

Meredith Ellis
G Bar C Ranch
Rosston, TX

“There’s always a more productive, more profitable, more beneficial way to manage our natural resources. Noble Research Institute has been like a friend that we can run questions or ideas by as we’re trying ot make the most positive impacts out here.”

Yates Adcock
Middlecreek Ranch
Dustin, OK

“We knew we needed help, and thankfully Noble was able to come to our rescue. We knew the basics, but so much had changed in 30 years. Without [Noble], we probably would have floundered.”

Joe Dobson
Dobson Ranch
Mustang, OK

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